Check out the following samples of our wooden works

Wooden Doors

Specialized in doors with distinct designs, professionally hidden, anti-fire, moisture and sound-insulated through two layers, insulating or non-insulating, made of the best German and Canadian processed and isolated raw materials.

Wall Decor

3D wall decorations are among the nice choices that provide a fun and distinctive decor for the rooms of the modern home.

Dining Tables

Wood tables are one of the most popular choices when thinking about dining table decor, as wood is easy to combine with any interior design and decor, and it gives a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

Living Rooms

Modern living rooms are the front of the house and are the place to receive guests.


As for the modern rooms, they are simple in shape so the use of artificial wood is more suitable for them. It is characterized by the presence of modern types with a very distinctive shape.


Dressing is a small area dedicated to putting on clothes, changing, and makeup. It is often adjacent to the bedroom or part of it.

Wooden Ladders

Stairs are a series of steps that are a means of communication between one floor and the other. It is constructed so that the movement is up and down from floor to floor in a comfortable, fast and safe manner.

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