HOPPE has been pursuing a brand-name strategy since 1979

  • Brand-name HOPPE Brand-nameas a registered trademark
  • HOPPE products bear the logo HOPPE-Logo
  • Consistent quality standards (or improved standards as a result of technical developments)
  • Uniform visual appearance (Corporate Design)
  • Widespread, enduser-oriented distribution (ubiquitous brand)
  • Enduser-oriented advertising

A brand-name product keeps its promise of quality to the customer (e.g. distributor, retailer, OEM, installer and enduser).


Door handle fitting in about 8 seconds only

Time is money – quicker and better:
The HOPPE Quick-Fit connection

HOPPE Quick-Fit connection. With its advanced technology, door
handles can be installed in one simple step – and to last.

The key point of the technology is the blocking mechanism, developed
by HOPPE, in the receiver handle. This holds the solid spindle of the
other handle firmly and without play. It is with the whole width of the
spindle that maximum torgue transmission is achieved. The HOPPE
Quick-Fit connection is a variable axial handle fitting, tested according
to DIN EN 1906 and can be used for various door-thicknesses.

•Very quick door handle fitting: around 75% time saving compared
with normal fitting.

• No Allen screw or transverse spindles needed.

• Integrated blocking mechanism in the receiver handle.

• Use of a solid spindle.

• Variable axial handle. fitting tested to DIN EN 1906.

• Easy and quick removal of door handles


The new hygiene standard.

The issue of “hygiene“ has been the subject of public concern for many
years and is currently more topical than ever before – be it in clinics,
schools, industry or leisure facilities. With the new SecuSan door and
window handles HOPPE has developed a solution that provides active
protection in the very places where it is urgently required. SecuSan is
a special surface that immediately suppresses microbial growth on a
lasting basis. It is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long-term
usage. It is high-level of efficacy has been confirmed in independent
laboratory and practical tests.

The new surface prevents the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae
and fungi. Since the silver ions contained in the surface form an active
part of the material, the SecuSan surface remains effective even when
cleaned at regular intervals.

SecuSan has been tested and certified based on the JIS (Japanese
Industrian Standard) Z 2801:2000 and ISO (International Organisation
foa Standardization) 22196:2011 standards.

The SecuSan surface’s high leval of antimicrobial effectiveness was
certified, in particular as regards its effect over time.



The Sertos clip-in connection by HOPPE will guarantee this long-term
functionality. Moreover, it is not only easily installed but also just as
easily removed.

More quality features of Sertos clip-in connection with ball locking

• High-quality, low-play solid spindle
• flat spring hardened and slotted on both sides to compensate for
tolerances in the lock follows
• Spring cassatte

Certified for highest durability

The Sertos clip-in connection with ball locking mechanism is extremely
durable. It will withstand the strain of at least 1,000,000 test cycles
without any functional impairment. This has been certified by the
PIVCERTPlus test carried out by the Velbert testing institute.

The quality you expect from HOPPE

Naturally, Sertos products also come with the 10-year operational
guarantee like all HOPPE brand name door and window handles.


HOPPE Quick-FitPlus
Less is more

This technology not only allows simple installation, without the need
for screws, of door handles, but also round, square and rectangular
flat roses.The new HOPPE Quick-FitPlus sets are making an impression
with their virtually flush rose design.

Simple fitting
Aesthetically pleasing flat roses and door handles using the Quick-Fit
connection are installed on the door in jsut a few steps: The handle
roses – either self-adhesive or with supporting lugs – are affixed to the
prepared door and the door handles are simply put together.

Handle of Excellence

HOPPE are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
HOPPE is aware that simply manufacturing a faultless product is not
sufficient today. Among the important criteria HOPPE considers,
are efficient manufacturing to quality standards, complying with
current regulations, short product life-cycles and, above all, close
attention to customer requirements.

HOPPE, Europe’s leading brand of door and window handles, can
fit with any personal living and future style. With high quality and
fair price, our products enhance everyone’s choice of interior décor.
HOPPE products are tradesman’s first choice. HOPPE not only offers
a wide range of attractive handles for doors and windows but also
develops specific solutions. Thus a building or an apartment can be
equipped with the ” Handle of Excellence” from the representative
entrance door to the interior doors and windows.

Consideration for the Environment

At HOPPE, consideration for the environment is of “constitutional“
importance. All production facilities of the HOPPE Group in Germany,
Italy and Czech Republic are certified to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009
(Environmental Management System).

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